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Having worked in the online dating industry for more than one decade, we can safely say that we know what we are talking about. Every day, we help singles to meet each other online and build real relationships offline. On this free dating app, you will be able to find someone suitable and start a sparky relationship in record time! 😉

• Why should you choose a free dating app?

Dating is a natural activity that every normal human being would do as long as they still have libido and emotional needs, right? Therefore, we believe that everyone is entitled to join the dating scene when they are looking for love. That’s exactly why we developed this free dating app which caters for the needs of people who are keen to find partners on the Internet.

Instead of wasting money on dating platforms which charge very high fees, joining a 100% free app is a good move because you know you are always in control – you can decide how much time you are willing to spend looking for a partner each day; you can decide who you talk to and who you ignore; you can decide when and how you approach dating in this day and age without losing yourself. 

• The benefits of Internet dating:

First of all, 

old-school dating methods don’t really work very well in today’s day and age anymore because let’s be honest – currently, does anyone really make eye contact with other people frequently when they go out? I guess most people are just looking at their cell phones most of the time these days! As a result, Internet dating has already become mainstream nowadays, if not the only way to meet someone cool.


you can meet candidates that you would never meet in real life through online dating. Indeed, everyone’s social circle in real life is limited, so why not expand your social circle by meeting people on the Internet? When it comes to the debate regarding dating via URL VS dating via IRL, I would argue that it’s better to combine URL with IRL, but in modern-day society, URL is probably even more important because that’s where people’s attention actually is.

Last but not least, 

online dating saves you a lot of time. When you only do offline dating, you may have to go to lots of parties, attend every function and say yes to everything in order to meet some potential candidates, right? That is so time-consuming, isn’t it? In contrast, when you choose online dating, that kind of stress is eliminated because Internet dating is very straight-forward – all you need to do is to set up a dating profile quickly and browse the database immediately. Isn’t this handy?

• We have high-quality singles in our community

In our database, we have many high-quality singles looking for love. As a 100% free dating app, we have attracted a large number of high-value candidates who are keen to meet awesome people online. We all know that in order to find quality, quantity apparently matters. Thus, we highly recommend this approach: talk to as many people as possible at the beginning, and then identify which person is the right candidate for you! Well, truthfully, if you choose one option out of one option, chances are that can’t be a great choice, right? So, it’s time to join the community and talk to many candidates in the first place! 😊


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• Frequently Asked Questions:

Answer: No. Instead of using matchmaking software, we actually believe that you are the one who is supposed to decide who your perfect match is. This dating platform is all about meeting someone suitable in an organic way rather than with the help of a robot or a machine.

Answer: No. We don’t ask you to answer 200 questions before you can create a dating profile because we don’t want to use a robot to set up dates for anyone. Signing up only takes one minute maximum. It’s nice, easy, quick and simple. We would like you to decide who you want to meet. It’s your dating life, your rules!

Answer: Most candidates are from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. But we also have candidates from other countries in our community.

Answer: Yes. We respect your privacy and won’t share any of your private information with others. We strictly obey privacy law and can confirm that your privacy is very important.

Answer: We have a blog which gives specific dating advice. You may have a look at our blog regularly and see whether we’ve already answered your question there! Enjoy a free dating app with free dating advice!

Answer: Yes, absolutely! Although most people in our community are straight daters, lesbian women, gay men and bisexual individuals can definitely find true love on this dating platform because we are LGBTQ-friendly all the time. As a matter of fact, many daters in the LGBTQ community have already found their partners via this free dating app. We even received wedding invitations from them!

Answer: People have become more open-minded recently. When Internet dating was something new at the beginning of the 21st century, it was a taboo topic. But today, online dating is very mainstream. 😊

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