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  • Latest Entry: How to Flirt with a Stranger

    I've got a thing for baristas, I can't help it.  Unfortunately finding a segue from "tall americano" to "HOLY CRAP YOU'RE HOT" isn't as easy as it might seem.  Flirting with a stranger is undeniably daunting: you risk rejection, embarrassment, or just plain feeling creepy.  It's not hopeless, ho...

    Read Full Post // Posted on 04/06/07 in Being Social by Matt // 5 Comments Add Comment
  • Damn you barista, why must you be so cute?

    Ever heard a woman say she has a thing for a guy in uniform?  I've got a similar thing, except it's for baristas.  It's an inexplicable attraction to someone who makes coffee for a living.  I think this attraction exists because of a few different reasons: I don't know how to make a latte, therefore watching a barista fly through my order in a cloud of hissing,...

    Read Full Post // Posted on 03/28/07 in Being Social by Matt // 2 Comments Add Comment
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