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Free App Dating has merged with Free Dating App

Free App Dating has merged with Free Dating App, but we are temporarily allowing Free App Dating users to access their old messages. Most of the people from Free App Dating have been migrated into Free Dating App, but there were many accounts that we could not move over due to differences in how Free Dating App is set up.

If you want to get ahold of someone who you met through Free App Dating but can't find them on Free Dating App, we are allowing our users to login and access their messages until October 20th.

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  • Latest Entry: Free App Dating is becoming part of Free Dating

    Over the past several weeks I've been negotiating the merger of Free App Dating to a competing website: Free Dating Free Dating App is also a completely free online dating site and has nearly a quarter million users. I chose Free Dating App primarily because their aspirations are very aligned with mine; we both want this property to be synonymous with free onlin...

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  • 100 Days of Free App Dating

    Today marks the 100th day Free App Dating has been up and running and I'm very happy with how far it's come in such a short period of time. The majority of my efforts over the past three months have been in marketing the website to search engines. What does this mean?  It means I've been focusing my efforts on ensuring that visitors who search the internet for a free online dating site end up on M...

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  • Sorry for all the spam

    Just a quick note to the Free App Dating members who have received spam messages on the site lately:  I'm working on getting a system in place that will deter some of the junk messages that are being sent.  Tomorrow after I get home from work it's at the top of my list of things to fix, so hold tight until then.    It's strange, I've built countless websites before (man...

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  • How I Built a Web 2.0 Dating Site in 66.5 Hours

    16 Tips for Rapid Development Let this be a testament to Web 2.0 and the effectiveness of rapid development frameworks: I built a full-featured dating website, from concept to launch, in 66.5 hours.  In a typical 9-5 job this would amount to about a week and a half.   Deliverables included: The Idea ...

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  • Announcing Free App Dating

    It's finished!  The site is up and ready to roll.   Free App Dating is a completely free online dating website built with one goal in mind: making online dating easy, fun and accessible to everyone.  Everything on this is built and maintained by one person, this low overhead means the site will always be completely free. I creat...

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