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100 Days of Free App Dating

Posted on 07/01/07 in Free App Dating News by Matt

Today marks the 100th day Free App Dating has been up and running and I'm very happy with how far it's come in such a short period of time. The majority of my efforts over the past three months have been in marketing the website to search engines. What does this mean?  It means I've been focusing my efforts on ensuring that visitors who search the internet for a free online dating site end up on Free App Dating's homepage.   I've hit some major milestones in the past two weeks that I think will allow me to throttle back on the search marketing and focus more on improving Free App Dating itself.  As of June 18 the site was getting around 40 signups a day, as of last night the site had 370 signups a day.  Traffic levels are higher than ever - last week 125,000 people visited Free App Dating in 7 days (400,000 page views in all).  In the 100 days since its inception the site has had 1.5 million page views and over half a million unique visitors.  If you search google for "free online dating" it's ranked #3.

These accomplishments aside, I know there's a ton of room for improvement on the site itself.  I need to improve the search feature to accommodate more zip codes (currently it doesn't work very well for a lot of foreign countries).  I want to improve the "browse by location" feature so you can refine things a bit.  Many of the back-end queries need some refinement, especially as the number of users grows.  I'm also considering adding a direct chat feature, so singles can engage in a dialogue on the site without having to exchange contact information right off the bat. I've also got a very cool feature in mind that I'm going to activate once enough people are signed up for it to work properly.

I've been run a little ragged lately because I'm still working days at my other job and nights on Free App Dating, but hopefully things will let up soon so I can start getting more sleep.

I'd also like to thank everyone who has messaged me about the site. The feedback I've received has been overwhelmingly positive and it's been incredibly rewarding to work on this project. 

Update:  We just hit 10,000 members!  Looks like those 66.5 hours of work weren't a waste, after all :)

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  • Taloan wrote on 3/7/07:
    Way to go Matthew, that is awesome! It makes me inordinately happy to hear how well FreeAppDating is doing.
  • Poppett wrote on 4/7/07:
    Well-done U! So much energy! Keep up the good work! Thanks for being so giving! I love Free App Dating so far and can't wait to see what you do with it!
  • Tano wrote on 5/7/07:
    You are a brilliant man Matt. The free world gives you a standing ovation. Finally, a no nonsense way to make contact. We have now landed on the net/relationship equivalent of Mars. Well done son!
  • groovekittie wrote on 10/7/07:
    Congrats on all the hard work! Love the quizzes! :D
  • yadu wrote on 10/7/07:
    w00t!! way to go!! ^_^ and all the hard work paid off eh.. :) *gives u a bucket of happiness*
  • zzmyxazz wrote on 18/7/07:
    Sorry for the offtop, but I think this ( sort of stealing.
    Congrats! BEST quizzes:)
  • theblueskye wrote on 18/7/07:
    yay you! and yay for the FreeAppDatingrs :)
  • abcd1234 wrote on 19/7/07:
    Glad to hear so!

    Great job, Free App Dating!

    Now I'm on another dating site since I want to date a millionaire! LoL!
  • Will wrote on 23/7/07:
    Yeah to be able to refine a search after browsing by location would be good since limiting by UK post code doesn't seem to work well.
  • lovebug252 wrote on 23/7/07:
  • Monki wrote on 23/7/07:
    Actually, it's ranked #2 after the sponsored google links. Congrats! I'm really impressed with how far this site's come along.
  • Lance wrote on 23/7/07:
    wow Congratulations.. Good Luck
  • DfromSB wrote on 24/7/07:
    I searched for "online dating" in Google and it came up #1, so good work and tell me your secret to high page ranks. ;-p
    I love the fact that you run this site by yourself.
  • Funfitgal07 wrote on 29/7/07:
    Hi Matt ... You have a very nice site. There is something that maybe you should address. I don't see a way to search for people more than 100 miles out from my zipcode. It is very limiting
    Congratulations on your success. I know what hard work you have put into your site. I know it takes time to fine tune and you will get there!
  • Poncho wrote on 31/7/07:
    Way to go Matt!

    Free App Dating was pretty great from the start, great design, great development, no annoying adverts or useless features. You really put the thought where it counts, so here's to the next major milestone... and giving a run for their money :p

  • PilotJohn wrote on 1/8/07:
    This site is a killer, no doubt about it. It's awesome how one man with a CREATIVE MIND can single handedly provide a better user experience than a big, bloated company like Match.

    I'm behind your success 100% on this site, and will spread this site's URL all over.

    John in San Diego
  • crysvan wrote on 5/8/07:
    hey matt! just wanna say thank you for having such a wonderfully creative and patient mind to come up with something as amazing as Free App Dating! i got here by searching for online dating and your site came up as number 1! cheers!

    hoping for more sucess with this site!
  • loveonnjudah wrote on 10/8/07:
    Congrats on the all hard work. Lord knows we all need another site other than Craigslist or to find a date. I was just thinking... I wonder if it would be possible for you to create a search function that allowed folks to search by sexual orientation as well as gender. Just sayin'. I think it could be useful for some. Thanks for considering this!!
  • Zermatt wrote on 14/8/07:
    Your success seems to have overwhelmed your server--it has been near impossible to log on the last few days; glacially slow. Can you fix that? Great site otherwise!

  • hypnoticbob wrote on 16/8/07:
    Only came across this site by chance, great site,and great of you to put so much time and effort into it, I can only assume you've been in our shoes, looking for lurve, and decided you could do better, you have, Bob
  • Big Mac wrote on 19/8/07:
    wow! way to go. and to think you created this site in just 66.5 hours, you're awesome.
  • luv wrote on 23/8/07:
    Great job, i put up my free dating site, dating services at

    let me know what you think of it...

  • capone1 wrote on 28/8/07:
    Just wanted to say awesome accomplishment and sit back and watch it be number 1 within 10 more months
  • lstamsonLA wrote on 30/8/07:
    Congratulations Matt, you are helping people through the kindness of your heart. Thank you.
  • pdrman wrote on 30/8/07:
    Very impressive for 66 hours worth of work. I used to build e-commerce sites back in the day of the .com error (that eventually ended in the .com bomb) so I know the pain it can be or used to be in this case. Have heard some great things about web 2.0. Anyways, great site love the fact that it is free! If you need help send me a message.

  • soapmachine wrote on 31/8/07:
    when i checked it was #10.
    but that is quite the accomplishment for how long this has been up! I remember it in its early days, there was barely anyone here! like under ten. now there are thousands! it was an overnight success! good luck with the rest, man!
  • vandaddio wrote on 2/9/07:
    try including canadian postal zips , like mine v5k1x2 so we can use this site, now it is useless to canadians. good luck
  • Kay55 wrote on 3/9/07:
    Thank you for the site Matt.....Reward yourself by taking a day off and getting a very good night of sleep!! For those of us that have been or are on another dating site that is costly and not getting results, this is a real gift! And it's all because of your generosity and moxie to just bring people together! I wish you the best in all of your endeavors, whatever they be.
  • Dead End Girl wrote on 9/9/07:
    You're doing great! It's not easy finding a free dating site that is as nice as this one is. :)
  • lonely heart wrote on 11/9/07:
    I just found this site today and joined instantly. Its very easy to use. Looks like your long hours have paid off. I along with everyone else thank you :)
  • littlebasil wrote on 12/9/07:
    Yeah for enthusiasm! Good work!
  • SimplyTone wrote on 14/9/07:
    Great work, great site and great planning Matt. How can I help?
  • SimplyTone wrote on 14/9/07:
    Great work, great site and great planning Matt. How can I help?
  • loratwopointone wrote on 30/9/07:
    Congratulations =]

    Keep it up