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How addicted to coffee are you?

Posted on 04/23/07 in Miscellaneous by Matt

Following the success of the Geek Quiz, I decided to create another one:  How Addicted to Coffee Are You?  The interface isn't nearly as snazzy as the Geek Quiz, there's no fancy javascript filling up a silhouette as you answer questions and it's all on one page, but it's fun anyhow.

I scored a 77% so I'm fairly addicted but it's not completely hopeless.  I've been trying to ween myself away with a bit of self restraint and chai tea, but it's hard when you attempt to perform web development miracles from 9am - midnight nearly 6 days a week.

You'll notice there's a link at the bottom of the quiz to Blog Barnacles that will soon be home to lots of cool stuff you can stick on your blog.   I didn't think people were still into quizzes and the like but the Geek Quiz proved me wrong.  I figure the best way to market Free App Dating is to build things that are fun and interesting to attract people to the site rather than spending a ton of money on advertising and other obtrusive mediums, so far it's working wonders.

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  • groovekittie wrote on 24/4/07:
    Yay! Coffee! If I lived closer to the city, I'd live in Tim Hortons. :P

    Only 77% addicted!
  • WhoAndWhatItIs wrote on 24/4/07:
    54%. I'm no connoisseur. I'll take the most pungent, over-flavored cappuccino and lattes I can get my hands on. Occasionally work will drive me to drinking a good cup of freshly ground black coffee.

    Hooray Coffee!
  • Poncho wrote on 25/4/07:
    I got 79%, which I think must be some mistake. I don't drink that much coffee, do I..?

    Nice quizz.
  • -chelsea- wrote on 26/4/07:
    only 56% i thought i would have been so much more addicted lol i live right near a starbucks
  • holypimpercrombie wrote on 28/4/07:
    Making a conscious attempt to ween myself off of those retailers who think I really need them. Home brewing my stuff for now..
  • aswathi wrote on 13/6/07:
    only 45% i thought i would have been so much more addicted lol i live right near a starbucks
  • Tanya wrote on 10/7/07:

    FreeAppDating2 - Free Online Dating

    Am I So Bad, May be I got to rush to Hospital for a Cardio Check Up !!!
  • just mary wrote on 28/9/07:
    I admit I am horridly addicted but well what is life without a few things it is definately better than many things we could be addicted to