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How Geek Are You? Take The Geek Quiz

Posted on 04/02/07 in Miscellaneous by Matt

Ever lose your car keys and instantly think of "ctrl+f?" Ever train a parakeet to whistle tunes from the Ocarina of Time? You're probably a geek, but exactly how much of you is composed of grade-A geekiness? 

How Geek Are You?  Take the Free App Dating Geek Quiz

I tried to balance the questions evenly between computers, scifi, hobbies, academic ability, and any other geeky traits that were appropriate for assigning a score.  If you have ideas for questions to put in the quiz feel free to comment here.

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  • Aenea wrote on 4/4/07:
    63% geek... in the "geek but cool" bracket

  • ilcaffedio wrote on 4/4/07:
    96% Geek. If I lose my keys, I think apple-spacebar, and find / -name
  • jeekl wrote on 12/4/07:
    Am I some sort of supergeek if I my score is 267%? ;-)
  • soapmachine wrote on 16/4/07:
  • Damnit_Jim wrote on 18/4/07:
    jeekl, I must bow to your geekness! :D
  • bellydancer79 wrote on 27/4/07:
    yep yep.. 80% geek..surprised myself there...
  • speedyop wrote on 6/5/07:
    congratulation, this post was feature on a french tv show on the channel gameone, a cable tv channel owned by MTV.
    Your buzz marketing is quite effective, perhaps a little how to will be great and worth digging ;)