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Name that Sex Position Quiz

Posted on 08/19/2008 in Random by Matt

In my ongoing effort to make Free App Dating the weirdest, most unconventional dating site on the planet, I've constructed a quiz that tests your knowledge of various sex positions.

Sex Positions

I didn't want to use pornographic images for the models, and drawing them would have been way too time consuming, so instead I bought some GI joes (both a male and female) and placed them in compromising positions.


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  • pbuilt69 wrote on 08/19/2008
    sounds like an interesting game ha lol
  • playwithmeoooolala wrote on 08/20/2008
    i do i cram for the big test?
  • tmay wrote on 08/21/2008
    sounds like fun when do we start
  • geordie wrote on 08/27/2008
    sound mint this game xx
  • duckiegiggles wrote on 09/04/2008
    haha figures i failed
  • Bushidobillyclub wrote on 09/06/2008
    You scored a 69% I WIN!!!!!!! Oh wait . . .
  • doodlebuggrrl wrote on 09/08/2008
    omg, lol Insane!