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Sorry for all the spam

Posted on 04/17/07 in Free App Dating News by Matt

Just a quick note to the Free App Dating members who have received spam messages on the site lately:  I'm working on getting a system in place that will deter some of the junk messages that are being sent.  Tomorrow after I get home from work it's at the top of my list of things to fix, so hold tight until then.   

It's strange, I've built countless websites before (many of which were online communities) and I've never seen the volume of spam that Free App Dating has already seen. Perhaps I should be flattered that spammers are targeting the site so early on.

Also, thanks to everyone who emailed me about the abuse. 

 Update:  The changes have been made, hopefully it slows the bastards down a bit.

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  • MsJennifer wrote on 17/4/07:
    I'm gonna get right on on getting that all in place, so
  • Damnit_Jim wrote on 18/4/07:
    Need help? :D
  • StarShine wrote on 18/4/07:
    You could do a mandatory nudge-first-for-permission thing. So that people can't just send, like, 50 messages.
    But I don't know how these things work, so, take my suggestion with a grain of iodized kosher salt.
  • Matt wrote on 18/4/07:
    Starshine: Not a bad idea, but some people don't like nudges. I'm thinking of first limiting the number of messages you can send in X amount of time, like you can only send 1 message every minute when contacting someone new. It won't stop the spammers but it'll certainly slow them down. I'm also going to add a mechanism that detects if someone is sending the same message to many people and it'll automatically throttle them.
  • Tap wrote on 18/4/07:
    Boyd: What about an image based word generation verification system?
  • Matt wrote on 18/4/07:
    Tap: captchas won't work, these are real people actually logging in and manually sending messages to people
  • yadu wrote on 21/5/07:
    how about moderators? :-"
  • redfish wrote on 18/9/07:
    hi im new to this but my messages seem to be getting spamed for no reason can you tell me if im doin something wrong cheers