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10 Reasons It Would Rule to Date a Unicorn

Posted on 08/04/2008 in Random by Matt

As a followup to 9 reasons not to date a tyrannosaurus rex , I'm pleased to announce:

10 reasons it would rule to date a unicorn


I think this does a pretty good job of explaining why it'd be totally rad to date one of these magical beasts.


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  • dyannedrake wrote on 08/04/2008
    Yeah, but at the bottom of the screen it has an ad where you say how many people you've slept with, and it's supposed to tell you how you compare to other statistics. Then you have to sign up for Free App Dating to get your results, cause if you click the 'no thanks' button the page 'cannot be found'. Is it a hoax? lol
  • siegmonde wrote on 08/08/2008
    lol yah i got the same. I have to sign up to Free App Dating ______________ siegmonde - newbie North Carolina Treatment Centers