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The Mind of a Web Developer: An Illustrated Diagram

Posted on 06/13/2007 in Random by Matt

The mind of a web developer is a vastly complex organ; it's riddled with anguish, elation, caffeine, and a gargantuan mound of crap to remember.  I figured this warranted a bit of creativity so I whipped up this diagram of a web developer's brain.

The Mind of a Web Developer


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  • dangurtner wrote on 07/17/2008
    that's awesome
  • Raven100 wrote on 07/20/2008 it.. :)
  • billromance wrote on 07/26/2008
    Used to work in customer service and development for a website ( ..... In the words of Bill Clinton " I feel your pain"
  • irartguy wrote on 07/28/2008
    Hah, I'd say that's fairly accurate.
  • aibiloveu wrote on 08/09/2008
    web developer of Free App Dating also one of great brain ever had :) fast and friendly
  • bitbit261982 wrote on 08/31/2008
    I liked that never heard it before lol
  • JessiG wrote on 09/09/2008
    Thats freakin great!