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Zombie Survival Quiz

Posted on 05/22/07 in Miscellaneous by Matt

What are your chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse?

Normally I don't post about the quizzes I create, but I had a lot of fun making this one and felt it deserved mention here.
This quiz determines what your chances are for surviving a zombie apocalypse based on how much food you have, firearms, stamina, and a few other things.

If you think of any additional questions I could ask, feel free to put them in the comments.  Mine was around 70%; I have no canned food or guns but I'm a strong runner.

On a similar note, if zombie films are your thing go see 28 Weeks Later.  It's really  good but definitely isn't for the faint of heart, there's lots of gore and scary stuff. 


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  • yadu wrote on 23/5/07:
    I am 43% zombie :| ph33r m3!!

    and 28 Weeks Later.. sequel to 28 Days Later (2002 - good movies!
  • JustinM01 wrote on 23/5/07:
    41% chance of survival. That's probably about right. Apparently I need to buy some guns and learn how to make bombs.
  • Admiral wrote on 23/5/07:
    56%. I can't stand guns, am a sucker for helping others, but I can sure rig a homemade explosive. A little of this, a little of that, a car battery...

    I'd be the MacGyver guy of a Zombie Apocalypse!
  • Kiwikewlio wrote on 25/5/07:
    Only 27% :(
    Not that I'm surprised. I have no food in my house. Nor weaponry. Nor do I know how to concoct homemade bombs.

    Could I shoot a loved one in the forehead should they become infected? Totally.
    Had you asked: Would I be able to shoot my dog should she become infected?
    No way. She might as well infect me. :)
  • actionjacob wrote on 29/5/07:
    86%! Thanks to the military training.
  • actionjacob wrote on 29/5/07:
    86%! Thanks to the military training.
  • Admiral wrote on 30/5/07:
    Just what IS the plural to Apocalypse, anyway? Apocalypti? Apocalypses?

    I'm not sure there was ever one invented.
  • apostel_13 wrote on 30/5/07:
    When watching a scary movie and something jumps out at you, what do you do?

    1. I scream and/or jump
    2. I'm slightly startled but I usually won't make any noise
    3. I'm calm and collected. Spooking me is no easy task

    where is the answer: beat their face before realising you moved
  • mindy_moo_2006 wrote on 26/6/07:
    If ever such an apocalypse occurs, my fellow human beings, follow me, i shalt lead you to safety AND i will be in the sequel!


    i loved this quiz

    Mindy has spoken.
  • azza105 wrote on 7/8/07:
    81% i ready :)
  • klc wrote on 18/8/07:
    Aye...i love robert carlyle!
  • Calypso wrote on 29/9/07:
    OUCH 36% survival rate... Poor me. I have no weapons, no skills for molotov cocktails... and food just for a few days. I really AM a goner if such a thing happens!