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This is the service to try if you happen to be seeking for long term love. hook up meaning urban In order to move from casual dating to a committed, loving connection, you need to have to nurture that new connection. Plus, premium subscription members have the solution to go on a video date before meeting in person. free online dating cyprus And the quantity of these businesses has surged considering the fact that 2005, following Neil Strauss New York Occasions bestselling book The Game.

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A blog about dating, meeting people, being social and everything in between.
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  • Latest Entry: Free App Dating is becoming part of Free Dating

    Over the past several weeks I've been negotiating the merger of Free App Dating to a competing website: Free Dating Free Dating App is also a completely free online dating site and has nearly a quarter million users. I chose Free Dating App primarily because their aspirations are very aligned with mine; we both want this property to be synonymous with free onlin...

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  • 100 Days of Free App Dating

    Today marks the 100th day Free App Dating has been up and running and I'm very happy with how far it's come in such a short period of time. The majority of my efforts over the past three months have been in marketing the website to search engines. What does this mean?  It means I've been focusing my efforts on ensuring that visitors who search the internet for a free online dating site end up on M...

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  • Confessions of a Mutant Date

    Thanks to Taloan for writing this blog entry, although she doesn't strike me as particularly mutant-like :) I never dated in high school. I went to my senior pro...

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  • How to Kiss Someone Passionately (funny video)

    I found this via - thought it was pretty funny. ...

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  • Zombie Survival Quiz

    Normally I don't post about the quizzes I create, but I had a lot of fun making this one and felt it deserved mention here. This quiz determines what your chances are for surviving a zombie apoc...

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  • From One Geek to Another: This is How I Became a Distance Runner

    A little over two years ago I decided I wanted to lose some weight.  I wasn't morbidly obese or anything but I had the figure of a typical computer guy:  skinny arms accompanied by a lower half that was unusually fatter than my upper body (picture Tyrannosaurus Rex with love handles).  My diet was mediocore and I never, ever exercised. I tried signing up for a gym and exercising ...

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  • Things I Love/Hate About Being Single

    Being single definitely has its advantages.  There's more freedom, less responsibility, and no one to keep tabs on you.  Conversely, there are some things I absolutely hate about being single. Lets start with the hate: Not having a guaranteed "activity buddy."  If you're single and you want to go out to dinner you've got to find someone to go ...

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  • The Mind of a Web Developer: An Illustrated Diagram

    The mind of a web developer is a vastly complex organ; it's riddled with anguish, elation, caffeine, and a gargantuan mound of crap to remember.  I figured this warranted a bit of creativity so I whipped up this diagram of a web developer's brain. ...

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  • Dating Links Roundup

    Here's a few interesting dating related links I found via delicious. Things My Boyfriend Says (this is really funny) How to Tell When a Relationship is Over ...

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  • How addicted to coffee are you?

    Following the success of the Geek Quiz, I decided to create another one:  How Addicted to Coffee Are You?  The interface isn't nearly as snazzy as the Geek Quiz, there's no fancy javascript filling up a silhouette as you answer questions and it's all on one page, but it's fun anyhow. ...

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  • 13 Little Things that Make a Geek Happy

    I hate it when people say "It's the little things that count," but it's friday afternoon and I felt like writing a post about some little geek things that make me happy.   Feel free to contribute any of your own. My gmail notifier lights up.  It could be a friend asking if I want to meet up for a drink later  or a nigerian prince...

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  • Top 10 Worst Movies to See On a First Date

    I've compiled a list of what I consider to be the ten worst movies to see on a first date.  These aren't necessarily bad movies, they're just movies that could ruin the mood or scare the hell out of your potential partner.   10.  Apocalypse Now (Redux) This happens to be one of my favo...

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  • Sorry for all the spam

    Just a quick note to the Free App Dating members who have received spam messages on the site lately:  I'm working on getting a system in place that will deter some of the junk messages that are being sent.  Tomorrow after I get home from work it's at the top of my list of things to fix, so hold tight until then.    It's strange, I've built countless websites before (man...

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  • Keep 'em Separated

    A friend of mine recently mentioned that she'd started seeing someone new and he apparently could set his own schedule at work.  In other words, he was free to see her anytime he pleased.  When you start seeing someone new you usually want to spend lots of time around them;  they're a new squeaky toy that you want to hug and squish until its eyes bug out and it stops squeaking.&n...

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  • The Singles Map

    National Geographic's February issue had a map comparing the density of single men to single women.  Clearly I need to move to the east coast. ...

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  • How dating my ex was like playing DOOM II on nightmare mode

    I want to begin by saying I had options:  I could have chosen an easier difficulty level, even ultra-violence would have worked.  There are plenty of nice, moderately sane girls out there ...

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  • How to Flirt with a Stranger

    I've got a thing for baristas, I can't help it.  Unfortunately finding a segue from "tall americano" to "HOLY CRAP YOU'RE HOT" isn't as easy as it might seem.  Flirting with a stranger is undeniably daunting: you risk rejection, embarrassment, or just plain feeling creepy.  It's not hopeless, ho...

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  • Mistakes to Avoid When Messaging Someone Online

      Thanks to Taloan for contributing this list of mistakes to avoid when messaging someone online.  Her tone is a bit cynical, but I think she speaks f...

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  • How Geek Are You? Take The Geek Quiz

    Ever lose your car keys and instantly think of "ctrl+f?" Ever train a parakeet to whistle tunes from the Ocarina of Time? You're probably a geek, but exactly how much of you is composed of grade-A geekiness?  How Geek Are You?  Take the Free App Dating Geek Quiz I tried to balance the questions evenly between compute...

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  • The Death of Estrangement

    Everyone uses social networking sites:  Teenagers, adults, seniors - even my mother has a myspace account.   Anyone can find and connect to anyone, all they have to do is know how to search for a name and submit a friend request.  I've always used a fake name on myspace to keep people from my past from finding me.  I didn't do this necessarily because I'd rather not spe...

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  • How I Built a Web 2.0 Dating Site in 66.5 Hours

    16 Tips for Rapid Development Let this be a testament to Web 2.0 and the effectiveness of rapid development frameworks: I built a full-featured dating website, from concept to launch, in 66.5 hours.  In a typical 9-5 job this would amount to about a week and a half.   Deliverables included: The Idea ...

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  • Damn you barista, why must you be so cute?

    Ever heard a woman say she has a thing for a guy in uniform?  I've got a similar thing, except it's for baristas.  It's an inexplicable attraction to someone who makes coffee for a living.  I think this attraction exists because of a few different reasons: I don't know how to make a latte, therefore watching a barista fly through my order in a cloud of hissing,...

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  • Ten Ways Being a Geek Makes You More Attractive

    Being a geek in 2007 is nothing to be ashamed of, the stereotype that once existed is long gone and there are several characteristics of geek culture that could almost be considered chic.  Consumating, Threadless, or even Apple are pretty good testaments to this fact. Think you're a geek? Take our rid...

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  • For the Guys: Twenty Tips for Having a Better First Date

    Thanks to Jennifer for contributing this blog entry. First impressions are sensory. Take the time to clean up before the date: take a shower, trim your facial hair, wear deodorant, and don't wear wrin...

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  • Announcing Free App Dating

    It's finished!  The site is up and ready to roll.   Free App Dating is a completely free online dating website built with one goal in mind: making online dating easy, fun and accessible to everyone.  Everything on this is built and maintained by one person, this low overhead means the site will always be completely free. I creat...

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