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Sun 06/22/08 05:55 PM
If your religion Is supremest too Males, it's likely a cult.
(i.e." God created man mirroring "Himself")

If your Religion uses Symbolology like a "Crusifix or david's star it's Pagan.

If your religion has Mass Worship on a Certain days, it's Paganism. (ie. Christianity, Juedism, Islam )

If your Religion is so male supremest it believes in Multiple wives or covering up your multiple wives with clothes like a turban, it's a Cult.

If your Religion Fear Mongers about the After life, (I.E, Hell & heaven ) It's by definition a Fear mongering CULT.

If you've been forced into your current religion by your parents from birth, that's just pathetic on your part and your parents.

If your Religion has had any past history of Mass Genocide on a culture that just wanted to be left alone, it's a CULT. (i.e. Christianity, Islam. )

If your Religion has any past history of persecuting people that doesn't believe in the same system you do, it's a CULT.

I'm sorry if I Offend, My Ancestor's Were Celtics and a peaceful people before the Roman Catholics came and Killed or Converted everyone.

All a religion has too do too qualify as a cult is Fear mongering, Supremisty over other religion's and certain races.

EVEN NOW CHRISIANITY SUPPORTS THE GENOCIDE ON THE PALISTINIAN PEOPLE ALONG SIDE THE JEWS. you people think Isreal was always there in the middle of no where? NOPE. The jews killed and genocide All those who followed Islam and that's how Isreal has obtained it's border's today.
Soon Gaza Will be no more and property of the jews with dead body's of Women and children all over the place.

The more you oblivious Christians dance around the may pole the more people are going too suffer.

You really wounder why 9/11 happened? THOSE POOR PEOPLE WERE DESPERATE TOO BE HEARD AND ALL America does is INVADE and OCCUPY 2 country's that had nothing too do with it.
The Islamist Hijackers were from Saudie Arabia AND Iran!

Christianity and all the other Supremest Cults must be taken off this earth if we are all going too live in peace without judging each other.

By the way, When the "Fake Rapture" happens, stay away from the Lights in the sky, I'm warning you sheep people. Do not Reject Nature, it has taken care of you all your life.

btw, Christianity stole the Cross symbol from Celtishism, look it up, i dare you. Indoctrinated Oblivious Jesus Freaks.
Learn the Universal Season's before the Next age is upon us!