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Topic: Rules specifically for the Religion forum

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Wed 06/06/07 09:34 PM
In this forum, we will not allow users to bash other users for either
believing or not believing in a specific religion.

We know that religion is a topic that many people feel extremely
passionate about, both believers and non-believers. However, if you
wish to participate in this forum, discussions must remain civil at ALL
times. If you wish to have a reasoned discussion about religion, the
existence or non-existence of God, etc., you may do so, but users who
resort to insults or attacks in either direction as part of these
discussions will be banned without notice.

Also, topics which are designated for response exclusively from one
religion or belief system, or which may cause that type of polarization,
will be deleted. The concept behind these forums is to encourage anyone
to participate and post their opinions and thoughts as long as they are
on-topic. Topics which do not adhere to that philosophy will be
removed, and the poster may lose his/her posting privileges.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
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