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Topic: Welcome new members!

Joined Tue 07/11/06
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Mon 11/06/06 09:52 AM
This forum is where you can introduce yourself. Just Say Hi or whatever
you like.

We hope you enjoy the site and remembere to tell your friends (online
and offline) to help grow our community.

- say something in your profile
- post a pic.. this is a dating site, people want to put a face to a
name and see the "real" you
- take time to read the HELP page
- invite your friends. this helps grow the community. if everyone
invited one friend, our site doubles in size.
- have fun and enjoy yourself. be respectful to others and you'll get
it in return

- worry about paying for our site. this site is free FOREVER.
- give out your personal information to anyone without taking the time
to get to know them.
- ever give money to people you meet on the site. people are here to
meet and date, not solicit funds.
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