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izzie "i have found my happily everafter!!!!! friendship welcome"
27 year old woman from Nowhereville..., Oregon      Looking for man for friendship

About izzie

Interests: work, music (anything but rap dont know why but i cant stand rap), movies. reading.. i love to read, kids, horses, and here!
no intimate encounters here!!!
not interested!! uugghh...
i have a wonderful man.. i dont wanna trade pix or recieve pix of you.. or your ..... friend...

I am 27, and have four kids. I am a single mom, and a workaholic... the combo of the 2 leaves little time for much else sadly.... in my "free time" (hehehehe free time that was funnie.. hehe...) i like to chat with my friends. listen to music, read (something i loved to do, but have only recently been making myself find the time to do again), watch a bit of tv. and most importaintly... spend time with my kids. not to mention that time spent talking.. texting.. emailing.. and on those great weekends.. visiting with my honey...
i have recently found an amazing man on the site whom i care very deeply about, and enjoy spending time with, and we are hopeing that things will work out for our futures...

I am told that i have an off beat sense of humor, but i use it frequently. im told that i am not bad looking.... ill let you be the judge of that one yourself, as i think that im a duck.. lol... as for my personality.. im usualy easygoing, but i do have a temper, i try not to let little things get to me... i will do anything in my power to help out my friends. and would do anything in my power to stop someone who is hurting my friends. im told that my life is like a book, it has kept me entertained for the last 27 years anyway.

my kids come first in my life... as a friend said once... "the needs of many outweigh the needs of one.. my life is not my own"

im looking for friends.. as i have found that special someone that i want to spend my time with...

You know the rule.. any questions hit me up..

friends welcome. relationships thank you, but i already have one.

Profession: retail assistant manager

Physical Appearance

5' 9"
Hair color
Body type
No answer
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Never married
Have Children?
Yes, they live at home
Want Children?
No answer

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