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Jess642 "More than most will know....NOT LOOKING, NOT AVAILABLE...Just here for the vege burgers."
44 year old woman from Agnes Water, Queensland      Looking for man for friendship

About Jess642

Interests: Intelligent discourse, coffee by the sea, ruminating on the whys and wherefores of humanity...surfing, hanging with my kids...
Nothing that can be written can describe the Who of someone.....


How Does It Feel To Be A Heart? - from- 'I Heard God Laughing'- Hafiz

Once a young woman asked me,
"How does it feel to be a man?"
And I replied,

"My dear
I am not so sure."

Then she said,
"Well, aren't you a man?"

And this time I replied,

"I view gender
As a beautiful animal
That people often take for a walk on a leash
And that might enter in some odd contest
To try to win strange prizes.

My dear,
A better question for Hafiz
Would have been,

'How does it feel to be a heart?'

For all I know is Love,
And I find my heart Infinite
and Everywhere!"


A road might end at a single house,
But it's not love's road.

Love is a river.
Drink from it.

- Rumi.


Not until a person dissolves,can
he or she know what union is.

There is a descent into emptiness.
A lie will not change to truth

with just talking about it.

- Rumi.


Longing is the core of mystery.
Longing itself brings the cure
The only rule is, SUFFER THE PAIN.

Your desire can be disciplined,
and what you want to happen
in time, sacrificed.

- Rumi.
Profession: Youth worker, Student, Parent.

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5' 9"
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White / Caucasian


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Yes, they live at home
Buddhist / Taoist
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