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Differentkindofwench "As above; so below........."
44 year old woman from Phoenix, Arizona      Looking for man for friendship

About Differentkindofwench

Interests: music, books, psychology, sociology, who-ha (paranormal), and eating out
A wench who belongs where she is called, laughing, learning, and loving her rednecked birdman cowboy!

I'm blunt, honest, and one of the biggest goofballs on earth. My friends are diverse and spontaneous, so am I.

Motto: If it feels right and doesn't hurt anybody - go ahead on with your badself - do it!!!!!

The above brief blurb was off the top of my head. Now that I've been here awhile, I'm gonna expand it a little. Upon further reflection and discussion, it has come to my attention, "blunt" is not an appropriate depiction of me. Sooo, I'm gonna rescind the blunt and go with ---------- ohhhh, direct. Yes, I may coat what I have to say with a tad bit of sugar every now and then. After all I'm not here to stomp on people with my opinions; but please don't back me into a corner, because I will come out snarling and tell you in no uncertain terms what I think. There is a reason I'm drawn to the black panther in my photos. They all (the pics) symbolize parts of me and my personality. Eventually, I'll get around to new pics.
Profession: Typist

Physical Appearance

5' 3"
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White / Caucasian


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Yes, they live away from home
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