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Abracadabra "Open to Possibliites. ;o)"
59 year old man from Heaven, Pennsylvania      Looking for woman for relationship Online now!

About Abracadabra

Interests: Sailing, Home-improvement, Gardening, Flute, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Motorcycling, Woodworking, Almost anything - and now I'm a game player - you can blame Smiless for that (ha ha)
Hi, my name’s James. I’m handsome, single, and the best catch any woman could ever possibly dream of.

Just thought I'd add the following from a response I wrote to a question about why I think I'm such a good catch.

Clearly I'm not the best catch for just any woman. That would be impossible. So with that in mind, here's a description of the type of woman who would find me to be a 'great catch'.

That the woman who would do well with me most likely dresses in bluejeans, wears flat-bottom shoes, and entertains herself by getting into projects around the home.

It doesn't matter what she's into. It could be sewing, writing novels, playing music, gardening, home improvement. Or even just laying around reading books. Whatever. I don't care. The main thing is that she's not always hot-to-trot to run out and socialize, and she doesn't need me to be constantly entertaining her. In other words, I would do well with a homebody. Not to imply that we wouldn't ever go out. But rather that going out wouldn't be the focus of our life.

If she plays a musical instrument I could see us going out to play twice a week. I perform in Michelle's cafe on Friday nights, and I play with the town orchestra on Wednesday nights. That's twice a week. I usally eat out on those nights too. So it's not like I'm a total shut-in. (sticks out tongue)


And now with that out of the way, let me say that I’m just here for fun.

By the way I no longer play the following game but I thought I'd leave up the character desc. and link to the songs I wrote anyway.

I’ve become involved in a fantasy game because I enjoy creative writing. I play the part of Leucippus Agamenom, a human bard, who plays music and tells stories. Leu works as an entertainer for Criani Peracien (The owner of the Green Dragon’s Inn). Leucippus Agamenom is not a ‘point-character’ and therefore does not have a point-profile sheet. He does however, have a history.

NAME: Leucippus Agamenom
RACE: Human
SKILLS: Plays the Citole, Flute, Sings, and Recites Poetry (all with magical appeal)
WISDOM: Infinite

History of Leucippus Agamenom:

Leucippus was a gentle lad full of love who had very romantic notions and dreams. He lived a very small village east of the Shire and nor far from the forest of Silvernarion. As a child he wrote poetry and lyrics for songs he would sing whilst strumming his citole. His music was magical and would attracted many animals, especially butterflies and hummingbirds that would gather in large flocks when he played. He also played a flute that he would take with in on long walks through the medows with large swarms of butterflies following him everywhere he went. On day he was playing his flute walking in the woods of Silvernarion when he was interrupted by the neighing of a unicorn in distress. He ran to see what the problem was, and as he reach the top of a knoll he saw orcs capturing the woman who had been riding on the unicorn. They ran off carrying the woman with them before he could help, and left the injured unicorn behind. Leucippus took the injured unicorn home and nursed it back to heath. The unicorn was pregnant and gave birth to two unicorn fillies and Leucippus cared for the animals and fed and sheltered them.

One day when he came to feed the unicorns he saw an elfin princess standing among them calling the mother by name and petting her. Above her was a pixie fluttering to and fro. She smiled at Leucippus and explained that the unicorn had been devoted to her mother who had been captured by orcs. Leucippus shared with her what he had seen when he first found the injured unicorn. He told her in great depth about the ordeal that the unicorn had gone through during her recovering and simultaneous delivery of her fillies.

The elfin princess, Leah, was touched by his compassion and they fell in love, and soon married. They lived village where Leucippus grew up raising unicorns and often visiting the Shire to entertain hobbits with music and dance. They also had children. Twins. A boy and a girl. They would also visit the elves in Silvernarion as Leah wanted to be sure her children were taught of elfin customs. They were deeply in love and Leucippus was sure that they would spend the rest of their days together, just caring for unicorn and watching their children grow.

But then one day Leucippus when to the Shire alone, and when he returned to his village he saw the people in distraught. His cottage had been burned to the ground and Leah had not escaped. The villagers told him that she was fighting off orcs and they stabbed her and ran off with the children. They assured him that she had died of the sword and not from the fire. He wept great tears and howled with anger, and vowed to kill ever orc that ever lived. The townsfolk comforted him, and knew that he was not a violent man. They felt his pain, but also felt that there was nothing that could be done. Once someone is captured by the orcs its virtually impossible to recover them, if they are even still alive.

None the less Leucippus was determined to hunt down the orcs and hopefully recover his children. He tracked them into the forest of Silvernarion where their trail just seem to disappear. Hopeless he fell to his knees and began to weep, but then he hears something fluttering. He thought it might be a pixie. Maybe the pixie could help he thought. But alas as he looked up he saw a beautiful harpie descending upon him. He could no look away she was far too beautiful. He was mesmerized by her seductive appeal. She descended upon him and had her way with him stripping him of his garments and becoming one with his flesh. He screamed with uncontrollable orgasmic ecstasy providing her with precisely what she wanted. As she flew away he felt cold and naked, and used. He felt as though a part of him had been ripped away from deep inside. He felt as though his soul had been violated. His world seemed hopelessly lost. A world that was once so full of love and compassion now seems to be a burning inferno of doom and despair.

You can here Leucippus sing the song of his past here:

The Green Dragon’s Inn page:
Profession: Scientist/Teacher - Human Bard

Physical Appearance

6' 2"
Hair color
Body type
White / Caucasian


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Never married
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