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merlin2525 "The Man........The Myth........The Legend........Here I am."
43 year old man from Jamesville, North Carolina      Looking for woman for relationship

About merlin2525

Hi. this is almost new I've added some things Put a new pic. up 7/29/08 . I guess it looks a little fuzzy because I scanned it to put up here. It's not digital and wasn't up;loaded straight to my PC. 8/08/2008. Today I'm quitting smoking. when I think that I can completely say I've quit. I'll uncheck the smoking box. So if I'm griping a little too much in the forums, I'll blame it on nicotine withdrawals :-)
So be sure and read it all. Don't be afraid to message me
I only nibble Most women like that
Hi, I'm a single father of one beautiful little girl. I don't have her pic. on here because there are way too many perverts in the world today.
I'm looking for friends,dating, A serious relationship isn't out of the question.
If there is anything you want to know about me just ask.
I will add one other thing. If you do drugs,pass this profile on by.If you have kids and they all have different fathers. Go away. Thanks for looking

I guess I should add a little more. I like my steaks med-rare. I prefer french fries over baked potato.Except when I have melted cheese on it.
I could eat pizza 7 days a week. Mt dew is too sweet. I prefer diet md. I love sci-fi, except Star trek next gen. Any movie with John Wayne,Clint Eastwood,or a horse is a great movie. I can listen to almost any kind of music,except rap. It gives me a headache. I can drive anything. If it's got wheels,I can drive it. If it's got wings,give me a minute and I can fly it.
1. I've never cheated on anyone I was with.No matter how bad it was.
2.If you have been unfaithful. Go somewhere else. Once= there will be a next time.
3.I flirt on the forums. Most everyone on there does. To some extent. Just because I flirt with some doesn't mean that I'm sacking them. I've never met anyone from the forums in person.
I'm searching for someone that's local. But you can feel free to write me and try to get me to change my mind. It could happen.

**** NEW RULE****
If you take a look at my profile. You must leave a message. (Not really. But you can say hi.)
Have a great day.
And if I'm not what you're looking for( I don't know why I wouldn't be) I hope you do find what your searching for.If I'm pretty close to what your looking for. Let me know. We'll never know 'till we try.

----(((0)))----- Put This on
------/--\------- your profile
-----/-o-\------ If you or
----/--/|\--\---- someone you
---/---/-\---\--- know has been
--/-----------\-- abducted by Aliens >;~)~
Profession: service tech.

Physical Appearance

5' 10"
Hair color
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White / Caucasian


Marital Status
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Yes, they live at home
Christian - Other
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