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anoasis "Happily Engaged. Just here to chat..."
99 year old woman from Miami, Florida      Looking for man for friendship

About anoasis

Interests: movies, hockey, the beach, art, festivals, music, politics, reading, the environment, talking, laughing, dancing.
Yes, I do realize I have made myself 100 years old. I'm getting married- definitely not interested in dating- and I assume at 100 yo I won't show up as a "match" for too many people... lol.

If you want a very loyal, non-judgemental friend, or if you want to tell me something that you don't want to post or you have a funny story to tell me please feel free to send me a note. What else? Philosophy? I don't have anything so well thought out! Life is short, have fun. Try to be a good person and do what you think is right but don't be too serious. Childishness should never be completely abandoned. I can go out for drinks one night and happily sit home with plah dough the next!

Difficult things happen in every life but I'm generally a pretty happy person. In many ways, on many days, I try to remember it is my decision whether I am happy of not. I live in a place that is a paradise to me (although no place is perfect) because I wanted to and did what I needed to be able to live here. The beach is my favorite place and I spend as much time as possible there. I love going to any kind of outdoor festival or concert, playing, laughing, going out for coffee or drinks. I love movies. I like so many things and so many different people, and animals, and music, and well just things that are alive or make you feel alive... but I hate war and that people think killing "solves" problems. I dislike rudeness and obstinate extremists... oh and I hate litterers- do they think their momma is walking around picking up after them?

Peace and Joy to all.
Profession: Environmental Regulator

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5' 8"
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White / Caucasian


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Never married
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