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marky84 "WHY so SERIOUS? Love like uv nevr bn hurt, live like ull die tomorrow, dance like no1 is looking. CARPE DIEM! Those that mind dont matter and those that matter dont mind!"
23 year old man from Waukesha, Wisconsin      Looking for woman for friendship

About marky84

Interests: cats, travel, history, games, computers, scuba diving, swimming, the ocean, star trek, star wars, science shows, animals, reading, museums, movies, music, camping, art
STOP The Otdated Policies that are destroying our nation and curtailing our future and rights and freedoms one by one!!!

Unite for change! Men and women rally behind barack!!

or we are doomed to 4 more years of failure!!

and no i dont believe im gods gift to women, at least not always =) sumtimez =)

i am a geek, i am a guy that crys, i am OCD i am ADHD i am a virgin i am a gamer i am a cat lover

i am me


well ive got a cat on my desk right now so ill have ta do this in a lil bit. he just sat in front of my mouse so i cant get to it ^_^
well he let me have my mouse, and hes curled up
you know what hes saying?
purrrr purrrr purrr

okay he left meee :( hes off sumwhere sleepin.

well, as is obvious i luvvvvv cats, i have 2, mom has 1. i luvv animals, dogs scare me a bit but i still like them. i luvv sharks, i wanted to be a marine biologist but it probably wont work out. i also thought about being a cop or firefighter but that wouldnt work out cuz of my back. im the guy every girl looks for: cuddler, swet, likes kids, doesnt like drinking or smoking, all that good stuff :)

im still a virgin, cuz i havent found the right girl yet. yes as a virgin id like to have sex but it HAS to mean something. i want to meet a nice girl, fall in love, then have sex, i dont want to just give it to anyone, i want to give it to someone special :) i used to believe in sex AFTER marriage, but i think if you luvv someone enough to say," im gonna marry you and spend the rest of my life with you" then you shouldnt be hung up on traditional things like that. i think that if ur in love and u truly care about someone, then make love. but if she wanted to wait id totally respect it. ive waited a long time, i can wait longer for the right girl. ive lost friends before cuz im very particular about sexual morals. doesnt mean im a prude, far from it =) I may be young but im not into games or lying or cheating, ive had more than enough of that for one lifetime. im really truly real :)

i was never "one of the boys", i never went partying or drinking or to bars and such, i spent my childhood at home reading books and playing video games and watching the history and animal channels :)

im NOT perfect, i know this, but i am a decent guy :)

im really shy, but i open up. ive had bad relationships and been hurt alot, so trust with me is earned and not given.

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