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hotmommy07 "I have a crush on a gorgeous man... but I'll still be your friend!"
23 year old woman from Green Bay, Wisconsin      Looking for man for friendship

About hotmommy07

Interests: being comfortable with someone, cards, laying in bed all day, vegas, living life, boating, great sex, friends, working out, outdoors, traveling, sports, camping, movies, kids, beaches, humor, honesty, loyalty, photography, having a few drinks, music, poker, extantinlife
I will start out by saying that I have two beautiful children, who are my whole world. There are a lot of people out there who hide the fact that they have kids until later on in the relationship. My kids aren't something that I want someone to have to "get used to" or "warm up to." Just putting that out there right away. They come first in my life. However, I do need someone to give me the things that I don't get from them, not just talking about sex... I'm looking for someone who will accept me the way I am, flaws included, because really, who doesn't have flaws? I leave the cap off of the toothpaste, and sometimes squeeze it in the middle of the tube... I leave lights on all over the house, even when I'm not there. I'm a bed hog, and a blanket hog, there are a few more, but you'll get to know me better and find those out. I'm looking for someone sensual, passionate, and with a mind of their own. I think it is soooo sexy when a man uses his brain, and is creative in the way he pursues me. I love romance, and lots of kissing, touching, when the time is right. I love a man who is secure in a relationship and doesn't feel the need to be jealous or controlling. I need someone independent, who can hold their own, and has an opinion. I want someone to counter my personality, so we fit together like a puzzle. I love playing and watching sports, camping, going out on the boat, spending time with my family and friends. I love gambling (no, its not one of those flaws I was talking about, I can control myself lol) There's a lot more to know about me but I guess if you can handle this blurb, you can message me to find out the rest... If you're a Bears fan, it wouldn't work between us... lol just kidding

P.S. If you ask me to trade naked pics after only a couple of emails, I will either no longer reply to you, or will give you a piece of my mind. Just a heads up before you ask!

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Profession: Retail Manager, Full-time Mom!

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