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Wolfeyes58 "Look into the eyes of the Wolf and tell me what you see..."
50 year old man from Macon, Georgia      Looking for woman for friendship

About Wolfeyes58

Interests: movies, cooking, fishing, camping, inventing, my three daughters, writing, drawing, reading
I have three beautiful daughters that I cherish. Any time I can spend with them, they are my first priority, and always will come first. I enjoy writing, cooking, drawing, and have just got back into enjoying life once again. I have discovered my second chance in life, from lessons learned from the past. I am here just looking for friends now.
By the way, you will see me hanging out in the poetry forum majority of the time, because I enjoy sharing my poetry and stories for all.
I'm writing my first novel which is a suspense/thriller, which I hope to have finished before the year is over with. It is my one goal to get this published, to see myself in print and hopefully be a best seller one day. As soon as it is done, it will be online and I will let all those who have enjoyed reading my writing, know when it will be there to look at. UPDATE: My Book Is onto the pubilisher. Also, I will be having my first poetry book published as well, for those that have enjoyed reading what I've written.
And by the way, if you view my profile, feel free to email me and get to know me. I enjoy making new friends.

One day, a wolf was wandering in the midst of his troubles, sobering from a love that was lost, that he thought was supposed to be his life and future. The spirits spoke and said,"This was not to be, our brother wolf. The love you sought, was hidden, waiting for you in the background. You just needed to find her. Go, she is there, waiting for you. You will be guided to the right path. Once you feel that energy, you will be pulled along the way, to a long and fruitful journey. One that will be a lasting, forever journey, once you meet her. You will know when you come to your destination. The signs are there for you to read."
With that being told, the wolf plodded on his journey, sniffing the ground for his tracks of his love. Sniffing the air for her scent and stopping to howl to the moon, his message of love that was strong in his heart, hoping she would hear. He would come to a place of rest and lay down to go to sleep. He would dream and see the signs he was to look for. He saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky, glistening with it's seven brilliant colors. Sparkling, as if it were made of glass. Then he heard thunder rumbling in the sky, in his sleep, listening to the tears it had let fall to the earth. He sought for cover as quickly as possible, underneath a ledged rock, where he would take refuge from the storm, until it passed. He drifted off to sleep once again until morning.
He woke, to the sound of dripping drops off of the ledge rock, where he lay. He stood and shook, stretched and yawned. He stepped out from underneath the rock, looked to the sky and saw the clouds separating. The skies were clearing, the sun shining bright and lo and behold, he saw the most wondrous sight he had ever seen. The glassy, sparkling rainbow in the sky, he had seen in his dream. It's awesome arch and its magnificent colors. 'The sign' he thought.
He quickly started running towards the rainbow. Now and then, he would get atop of a hill or rock, just to see how much further he would have to go before he reached it. Running with the speed of an arrow, he dodged tree roots, bushes, darting about here and there, just to make sure he would make it in time before that majestic beauty would disappear.
Exhausted, beat and in despair, his head hanging low in defeat, looked up and saw that his destination was complete. The rainbow was still there. And there standing guard at the bottom of the rainbow, was a Sprite. The guardian of things of the earth. He saw her beauty and all exhaustion faded away. His heart started skipping beat and he knew this was his love. He felt the spirits rubbing his coat, letting him know his journey and search was over. "It is done and this will be." As both heard the words from the spirits.
Now, before the two go off and share their love of eternity, she must find someone to be the keeper of all things earthly. Any volunteers???


There comes a time, in a mans life
When he sits back to reflect,
When in his lifetime
Did he lose all his respect?
Don't I deserve to get it
As well as giving?
Or do I just go on
And just keep on living?
Reflecting on lost love
Where did I go wrong?
Was it me being at fault
Or was this a different song?
All hopes and dreams shattered
Life has drained from me,
The love I thought was lasting
Now, it will never be.

If I Lost...

If I lost...
The limbs, that help me walk to you,
Would you still love me
And carry us through?
If I lost...
The limbs, that I use to embrace your heart
Would you still love me
And keep us from tearing apart?

If I lost...
The voice, that expresses my love
Would you still love me
And everything I'm made of?
If I lost...
My sight, that gazes upon your beauty,
Would you still love me
And guide me with duty?

If I lost...
My mind, and forget who you are
Would you still love me
And remind me you're my star?
If I lost...
The will to live, and to keep going on
Would you lift me up
And bring my heart home?

How dedicated are you my dear
To the love we once knew,
Would you carry us on, being strong
With all you can do?
Would you have an undying love
No matter what the cost,
Keep us going and staying strong
If I lost...?

Also, all poetry written by me is of my own original mind and work. And is copyrighted. If you would like a copy of a particular one, please feel free to ask. I don't mind sharing.

Fallen Bridges Of The Heart

In times of love, when you feel those special needs,
Your heart skips a beat, upon the love in which it feeds.
You know that person feels right, you feel it in your heart,
But the bridge of distance, is keeping the two of you apart.

Why is it, when the love you feel is so strong,
For that special someone, in your life comes along?
The distance your heart feels, is it playing with your mind?
The two argue together, is it that I'm losing my mind?

I'm not looking for a love, to fill that lonely need,
I'm not infatuated, or want to do the deed.
It's pure love I feel, just something I want to express,
To keep the bridge from collapsing, in times of duress.

That bridge is so long, there's no comparison by far,
The San Francisco Bridge, is one meant for a car.
My bridge is the gap, that I hold to keep together,
It has withstood, all the pain and turbulent weather.

No my darling, this bridge here, won't collapse,
It will stand strong, in these times of relapse.
These fallen bridges of the heart, will always be,
Standing strong together, joining you and me.

Teardrops Of A Waterfall

As the water cascades over the rocks
And gravity pulls it, to the stream below,
When the sun shines just right
Amongst the spray of the falls
Is a beautiful rainbow.
But, when I look to the top
Of that cascading water come to call,
It reminds me of the love lost
Crying the teardrops of a waterfall.

Peace and serenity guide me
They surround me with a gentle calm,
As I sit on the porch of my cabin
Watching the breeze blow the palm.
Tenderly I sit there as I rock
Looking to see the height so tall,
Thinking of what we could have gained
Feeling the teardrops of a waterfall.

There were promises made and broken
Dreams that were meant to be,
As the water crashes the rocks below
It reminds me of a turbulent sea.
I sit in the rocking chairs of ours
And knew we could of had it all,
But thinking back it was a dream
Those tears from a waterfall.

I'm a true Aquarian
Profession: On the right side of the law

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5' 10"
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