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totage "Here goes..."
22 year old man from Lordstown, Ohio      Looking for woman for relationship

About totage

Interests: fun, camping, photography, ocean, billiards, pool, bowling, hiking, humanity, peace, art, friends, family, music, love, harmony, boating, fishing
My primary mode of living is focused internally, where I deal with things according to how I feel about them, or how they fit into my value system. My secondary mode is external, where I take things in through my five senses in a literal, concrete fashion.

I live in the world of sensation possibilities. I am keenly in tune with the way things look, taste, sound, feel and smell. I have a strong aesthetic appreciation for art. I have a strong set of values, which I strive to consistently meet in my life. I need to feel as if I'm living my life in accordance with what I feel is right, and will rebel against anything which conflicts with that goal.

I tend to be quiet and reserved, and difficult to get to know well. I hold back my ideas and opinions except from those who I am closest to. I am kind, gentle and sensitive in my dealings with others. I am interested in contributing to people's sense of well-being and happiness, and will put a great deal of effort and energy into tasks which I believe in.

I have a strong affinity for aesthetics and beauty. I am an animal lover, and have a true appreciation for the beauties of nature. I am original and independent, and need to have personal space. I value people who take the time to understand me, and who support me in pursuing my goals in my own, unique way. People who don't know me well may see my unique way of life as a sign of carefree light-heartedness, but I actually take life very seriously, constantly gathering specific information and shifting it through my value system, in search for clarification and underlying meaning.

I am an action-oriented individual. I'm a "doer", and am usually uncomfortable with theorizing concepts and ideas, unless I see a practical application. I learn best in a "hands-on" environment, and consequently become easily bored with the traditional teaching methods, which emphasize abstract thinking. I do not like impersonal analysis, and am uncomfortable with the idea of making decisions based strictly on logic. My strong value system demands that decisions are evaluated against my subjective beliefs, rather than against some objective rules or laws.

I'm extremely perceptive and aware of others. I constantly gather specific information about people, and seek to discover what it means. I am usually penetratingly accurate in my perceptions of others.

I am warm and sympathetic. I genuinely care about people, and am strongly service-oriented in my desire to please. I have an unusually deep well of caring for those who are close to me, and show my love through actions, rather than words.

I have no desire to lead or control others, just as I have no desire to be led or controlled by others. I need space and time alone to evaluate the circumstances of my life against my value system, and respect other people's needs for the same.

I dont' give myself enough credit for the things which I do extremely well. My strong value system can lead me to be intensely perfectionistic, and cause me to judge myself with unneccesary harshness.

I have many special gifts for the world, especially in the areas of creating artistic sensation, and selflessly serving others. Life is not extremely easy for me, because I take life so seriously, but I have the tools to make my life and the lives of those close to me richly rewarding experiences.
Profession: PCB

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5' 8"
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White / Caucasian


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Never married
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Christian - Other
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