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Bardicverse "The prince is dead, how about a clever rogue instead? "
31 year old man from Montville, New Jersey      Looking for woman for dating

About Bardicverse

Interests: Archery, surfing, snowboarding
So, I woke up one day and saw these strange things. They were tall and brown, except at the top, where they were green. Someone said in a strange voice that they were called "trees". I knew then that I was not in Brooklyn anymore....

Heya! =D I'm just hanging out to see what's going on, find some friends, maybe do a little dating and see who comes across my path. Who knows, maybe there is a "one" out there, I'm not so concerned with all that though. Life's too short, fun must be had!

So about me, Im a musician and a computer tecchie, the first is a lifetime thing and the latter is the source of income. I have a band that is in the recording stages and I compose music for video game soundtracks.

I'm a Pisces, so I like to be a jack of all trades, but often master none. =P
I like diversity, so I have a lot of hobbies, and might even be open to learning new ones that you might like doing.

I'm also pretty big on outdoors, I like camping, archery, and I've been looking/wanting to do some work on a farm or work with horses, either paid or just volunteer to have the experience.

I know how to cook, and usually do a pretty good job. I make some killer chicken quesadillas, and I make an awesome steak marsalla. I make other stuff too, but those are my specialties.

So what about you? What do I "go" for? Well, pretty much anyone is fair game for frienship, but if you're trying to get my mojo to swing in your favor, its hard to say. Its hard to limit an attraction to a few words in a post like this, especially since attraction is something you don't truly find out until you're face to face with someone. Chat me up, if you're interested, and we'll go from there.

I guess that's enough to say for now, gotta have something for an actual conversation, huh? =D
Profession: Musican, Technician

Physical Appearance

6' 2"
Hair color
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Never married
Have Children?
Christian - Other
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