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heathersaysgobucks "“Don't cry for a man who's left you, the next one may fall for your smile.”"
39 year old woman from Belle Center, Ohio      Looking for man for dating

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Interests: Computers, Music, Outdoor activities, Spending time doing fun things with my children, Camping, Reading.
9-21-2008 It's confirmed. I'm a thread killer!!! Sigh, I'll try harder I swear! But I won't succumb to silly sexual innuendos or "I'm bored" threads ok? Gotta draw the line somewhere!

9-18-2008 Home from hospital with the kiddo and exhausted!!! Wish I had a good man to cuddle up to that would tell me everything's gonna be alright!!

EDIT August, 2008
****Well I've had several interesting emails and interactions lately and frankly, I'm surprised I'm still here.....hahaha. I have found that as I grow older I am less interested in listening to bull****. (How's that for frank?) That's not to say I don't like to have fun and joke around, but please don't email me with your smarmy attempts at sexual innuendo. If your going to do that, make sure your good at it first! Believe me when I say......if your good at it, it won't seem creepy or pervy at all!

******I don't think the mail features work properly. If you've emailed me and I haven't responded, please try again. I always respond to emails. Thanks!

Hi and thanks for stopping by!!! I've been divorced over a year now and ready to move on with life and love. Can't wait to meet some great new friends and possibly get a date or two!!! I'm a fluffy chick so if your one of "those people" who runs for the hills when a fat chick walks in then start running baby! The pictures in my profile are all me. Some are older than others, just to show different facets of myself. The ones closer to the top are the most recent (except the fun ones of course!).

A little bit about me. I work 2 jobs, but do it in such a way I am still home every evening with my kids. I am an awesome mom and I work hard at instilling values and morals into my girls. I had a great childhood and want them to have the same! I'm a geek at heart and have belonged to an online computer chat room for 7 years. I read a lot. Mostly girly novels filled with love and romance. You know, chick stuff! I love the outdoors, the sunshine and most of all water. I like to dance and sing and act like a goofball with people I trust. I always try to see both sides of a story, and play devil's advocate quite frequently, even when it's to my own detriment. I actually like listening to Dr. Laura. I don't like people who make fun of others to get laughs, especially any jokes about mentally challenged individuals/short bus jokes or people who use the word "retard" a lot. That's enough for now............
I'm loving life and enjoying just feeling alive again after many years and I refuse to let anyone tear my confidence down. I'm changing parts of me because I know they need changed, but I won't change because someone told me to, what's inside of me is kind and genuine and that's what matters. I dislike games and fakes.....I'm here for the real deal........people who are interested in personality and intelligence, people who are open minded and like to laugh and have fun! Throw me a line and let's chat!'s to a good day on FreeAppDating 2 (formerly a JSH'r) and I hope all your dreams come true!!!!!

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