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CyPoet "IIn thee end...Only kindness matters"
48 year old man from Fall River, Massachusetts      Looking for woman for friendship

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Interests: Love/Art/Poetry/Acoustic Guitar/Ice & In-Line Skating/Networking/Building P.C.'s
Hi! I'm your textbook A-pos personality. Energetic, neat freak, organized and attentive to detail. Being oversensitive would be the one chink in my armor. I'm a totally positive person who chooses to look at the glass half-full, never half-empty. I have a tremendous sense of humor and I love sharing laughter & happiness with my friends. I believe it is a gift that God has given me, so it is to be shared not contained.Of course;I am serious when deemed necessary.A definite optimist though so I surround my life with those who share this same outlook.Life is far to short for head games or having anyone in or around my life that cause people pain & sorrow. I choose alternative & sk8er clothing & music but I am not into the bar/club scene.I only drink on special occasions. I love making new friends however due to previous experiences on this site,it has become apparent that I should choose my friends more wisely & most certainly guard my heart from any further pain.I have accomplished a great deal in my life that I am very happy & proud of.I am a Dad of 3 beautiful angels who are well grounded & college educated.They will always have the highest priority in my life until I am called home.I am haunted by the fact that I have not found my well sought after & highly elusive soul mate.Then I can only hope & pray that we find one another.My passionate heart & poetic soul seeks his Goddess.My Grandfather is what you would describe as the whole package, and I consider myself to be a by-product of him through his teachings and his wisdom that he has bestowed upon me.I am a honorable veteran from 101st Airborne.Ft.Cambell,Ky.Until there is Peace.Amen Godspeed!Steven :=) pen name is Cybear.If U would like to [email protected] Yahoo & or MySpace then let me know K.:=)
~Death of a King's Poet~

My honest stroke falls upon primitive wood
Reigns have changed as the axeman had stood
Battles were waged from fortress's of stone
My candle as companionship while I sit alone
Knights in armor survived by mighty sword
A quest for supremacy for their mighty Lord
Anxiously;I pace about on my creaking floor
Many screams of death pass beneath my door
Flesh has so little value as said by a jest
Fell by minds of tyranny boldly to confess
The roar of the trumpets;let the games begin
Merely entertainment,there's no wage of sin
A gleeful crowd roared as blood freely shed
No tally required for the insignificant dead
Shadowed by my sorrow my tears mixed in ink
Poisoned hearts jubilant w/a chaliced drink
Thy heart has grown so weary from their lies
Even a strength of mortar carries their cries
Within a dreadful kingdom lies so little hope
Merely a servant of words by a hangman's rope
My dawn of change it lies best within my head
By slip of tongue;I would accompany their dead
A trifle bit frightened of their gallows bay
No utterance of words though my heart did pray
A chant of cowardice within some ruthless game
Saving of innocent life doesn't harbor shame
Profound arrogance sitting upon a gilded throne
As lions feed greedily on muscle,sinew & bones
Here lies my Testament hidden beneath the floor
Death has arrived as they batter down my door;(
My hopes of a civil society beyond power & lust
1 day perhaps righteous laws that man will trust

Written by Cybear 2/19/07
Copyrighted & Published
Profession: Counselor for troubled youths/Student

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5' 10"
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White / Caucasian


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Yes, they live away from home
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