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redhead44613 "I'm at the edge of my rope!"
20 year old woman from Brewster, Ohio      Looking for man for friendship

About redhead44613

Interests: drums, chatting, games, movies, music, army, concerts, cooking, arts, driving
I can't explain myself to you.
So this is it. I'm a box with black text.
I change. I'm changing. People change.
I breath so therefore I'm just like you and your neighbor and his neighbor.
I live.
I am me and there's nothing else to it.
You can't explain me, I can't explain me.
It's a complicated nature we all fall short in because
no one can explain you or me or her or him.
But we try and we try and we're never satisfied with the answer.
So this is it. I am me.
Expect the unexpected.

Little facts bout me!

*Bad teeth an BO disgusts me.
*I am very random.
*I love to laugh, if you can't take a joke don't bug me.
*my sense of humor is sarcastic and a little dry at times.
*I love dogs, not cats.
*I don't really like to watch TV, but love movies.
*I love metal an death metal music, I do listen to a lot of types but love metal.
*Do not try to change me!
*I have my own believes when it comes to god so don't preach to me about your believes I really don't care.
*I love sitting outside at night.
*When I am with someone I tend to fall pretty hard.
*I love kids, just don't want any of mind own.
*I have tattoos and piercings, if you don't like that oh well move on. I'm not going to take them out just cause you don't like it.
*I do still live at home with my parents.
*I plan on moving out of state asap.
*I have 2 close friends an looking for more.
*I will not judge you, an except you to do the same!
*I hate thunderstorms at night.
*I scare easy.
*Spelling is important to me, there is a spell checker...use it!!
*Don't tell me that you can prove to me what love is.
*I'm sick of head games.
*I do have a touch of bi-polar, which is just my moods change more then normal people.
*I love road trips.
*I am me.
*Do not insult me.
*I will not be your arm candy.
*I do smoke cigs.
*I don't really drink.
*I do not do drugs an will not talk to you if you do!
*I love my dog an will never get rid of her.
*I like to shot my air gun.
*I tend to be a tom boy, but can be girly when needed.
*I would rather have a beer then a fruity drink any day.
*I wanna learn how to play bass.
*I sing in the shower,doing my hair,driving, pretty much anytime I am alone.
*I love wind.
*I hate liars an cheater.

"Better Life" 40 Below Summer

Take that weight off your shoulders
It's kinda hard when it keeps getting colder inside
There's no heart just a place where the souls been all torn apart
No chance for repentance the world is a prison and life is a sentence
I can't redefine the surroundings that hound me and keep me denied
This pain's just a part of me and it's hard to breathe
I'm always here on the outside
It all seems so far away there's gotta be a better life
In this world made of plastic
I can bend and stretch like elastic
No sign of the sun it's just a barrel a handle gun
Unwhole in this madness no redemption I'm drowning in sadness
Alone crucified by the pain and the sorrow that keeps me alive
I don't want to feel this, I can't hope to heal this,
I can't cope with everything inside

|………..| Put this on your
|………..| profile if you have
|…….O.| ever pushed a
|………..| door that said pull!
Profession: Being weird

Physical Appearance

5' 5"
Hair color
Body type
A few extra pounds
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Never married
Have Children?
Christian - Other
Want Children?

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