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Jeanniebean "The Queen of Coins seeks the Holy Grail"
59 year old woman from Springfield, Colorado      Looking for man for friendship

About Jeanniebean

Interests: oil painting, building web site, The Internet, writng, reading
I'm not looking for a date or a mate, just a decent debate.

No man in his right mind would want me for a wife and I certainly don't want some crazy fool. LOL

(I'm not interested in cyber sex or talking on Instant messengers. Sorry.)

Friends of similar interests would be nice.

I am mostly an artist and a computer geek who likes to make web sites. I got into making websites with the idea to have a place to display and sell my artwork and some where I got sidetracked because I just loved making websites.

My other interests:

I seek the holy grail, the fountain of youth, and the true nature of reality.I suspect we are all connected and we probably all live in a holographic matrix.


Open heart

by Jeanniebean

Forgiveness is for giving
and it will set you free

Forgive yourself and others
Be who you want to be

Put the past behind you
Look at this new day

Lay down your sword my brother
For love has come this way.

A shining light has risen
Its beauty you can't miss

The breath of life is given
In love's first precious kiss.

How can I say I'm sorry
for any act done less

less than the greatest love
and joy and happiness

I can't reach the depth
of my joy and sorrow

with words I must confess
here is my love, now and tomorrow.


We almost met

We could have had our love at last
We brushed shoulders as we passed
Same hotel, same town,
You went upstairs, I went down

We almost met;
You would have lit my cigarette

By life’s cruel joke,
I didn’t smoke.
You went left and I went right
We both slept alone that night

I know you’re here; I’ve searched the land
I’ve seen your footprints In the sand.
How many lives must I endure
Before I touch your hand?


by Abracadabra

I believe in Jeanniebean
for she's the Brutal Candor Queen
her thoughts to many seem obscene
but others feast on her cuisine

Food for thought for what it's worth
ponderings about the earth
speculations of our birth
served with elegance and mirth

Her spirit's free from binding chains
sovereignty runs through her veins
her tracks of thoughts have many trains
she not afraid to use her brains

She loves to play with all creation
without a fear or trepidation
her magic wand; imagination
her gratitude as celebration

She has no fear of angry gods
for those ideals are mere facades
she places bets against the odds
and paints a vase of goldenrods
Profession: Artist and website builder

Physical Appearance

5' 7"
Hair color
Body type
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White / Caucasian


Marital Status
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