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JulieMP "I have seen every single episode of Quincy."
40 year old woman from Tazewell, Virginia      Looking for man for relationship

About JulieMP

Interests: film, painting, writing, dancing, cooking, travel.
Laughing is what keeps me laughing and creating art is what keeps me sane. I just want to never stop seeing places and meeting people. I have tried to learn how to juggle but I still don't know how. People find it odd that I wear skirts everyday, I do it because pants bother me. I have fallen off of 3 boats including one yacht, that was embarrassing. I have dreams every single night and many times they are nightmares. I am very dependable sometimes. I have not had a speeding ticket since I was 18. I still like crayons and coloring books. I can bake and decorate cakes like an expert baker. My cooking puts Julia Child, Emeril, Wolfgang Puck and Chef Boy R Dee to shame. I love Sandy Duncan. Watching plants grow in fast motion grosses me out. I can not stand bubble wrap. I know of a guy named Lon who has real feet but wooden legs. I like to paint my nails black. My uncle was an Indian Chief. I've written two short films that have been produced. At times I secretly loathe firetrucks they are so full of themselves, always dashing through town going wooowooowooo look at me. When I was a little girl I would put green apples on a stick and see how far i could fling them. I worked for 7 years doing custom art work but have never sold any of my paintings that I call "soul art" (say that like you would say "soul train" but replace train with art, because I wrote art and not train originally) I find husking corn theraputic. I fake accents but only in sign language. Ants make me cry because they don't even care how tiny they are. I think it would be logical for lightbulbs to be square because they would stack easier. My dad was Irish. On phonebook day, I switch mine with my neighbors and then I laugh and laugh because they never even know. 17 may possibly be my favorite of all the numbers ever invented.
My perfect match would be a man, true, tall and sexy.
Profession: optician

Physical Appearance

5' 9"
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Native American


Marital Status
Never married
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