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lilangel2 "Would you believe I am spinnin' around in space on a big blue ball? If you can believe that, you should be able to believe anything!"
44 year old woman from Colquitt, Georgia      Looking for man for friendship

About lilangel2

Interests: boating, fishing, camping, Nascar, PBR, crafting, quiet time, 70's rock and country, hiking, animals
Friends Only right now. Heterosexual lady friends nice to talk to as well :)


Single , widowed young, 1 teen, dogs, cats and fish. Looking for someone with a warm heart. Solid, heart, body and soul. Married men need not contact me. And, If you are looking for superwoman ,she is probably with superman LOL. I am not perfect and I do not expect perfection. I do believe in staying active and healthy and would prefer someone that feels the same. No smoking or drug use at all. Social drinking is ok. Someone that likes to cuddle and not afraid to express himself. I do not want a bully and I do not want a wimp. I want a man that respects himself and nature. A woman can respect a man that respects himself enough to behave like a man. A man that is not afraid to show or recieve love. Must be passionate, caring and kind. Love animals. Love outdoor activities and quiet times at home. All of the money in the world cannot replace the things I mentioned.

I am a peach chardonnay in styrofoam cup kinda jeans and flip flops...hamburgers on the grill.
Red wine and fine dining are nice, but I would rather sit on the creek bank with a fishing pole or slow dance barefooted in some secluded cabin in the mountains with a man that makes me want to melt right into him. Simple, Fun, Sweet, Romantic...that's me. :)

When I get out of "Friend Only Mode" This is what I believe I am looking for:

I want a friend, companion, someone honest, caring, nice, sexy, sweet, healthy,close, non-pretentious, non-material, spontaneous, not selfish with his emotions, country boy, non-smoker, 40-ish, manly but boyish, trusting, muscular, hairy chest, strong arms, gorgeous smile, sweet lips, moustache would be nice, love the outdoors, love simple things, fun to talk to, fun to play with, stable, friendly, social drinker, non drug user, short hair, passionate, not afraid to show affection, not necessarily wanting marriage but wanting a committed relationship, someone strong to lean on but someone that is free to express his this too much to ask???

...Ummm I forgot to mention FUNNY...he also needs to be funny...liking meatloaf is a plus, too ;)

Yes, i write a little too...Some of my poetry:


If I smiled with big brown eyes
and winked a kiss or two
and then held your soul up to my lips
could I smell the heart of you?

If I touched you with a glance
and you saw the way I felt
and I offered you a drink of me
would you drink of someone else?

If I laid my heart upon the shelf
you laid yours on as well
and breathed a breath of air so fresh
could I make you melt?

If I held your memory in my heart
and my mind didn't want it there
could you reconsider or take it back
if my heart can't keep it there?



As Two Go Down In The Moonlight

Where the peach-fleshed sun takes its final bow

And where the curtain of darkness is drawn in awesome contrast
to the pale glow of the moon and the stars

And where the croakers and the crickets and the cicadas
lead the night in a chorus undone

And where the people and the unpeople are drawn to the water's edge
by midnight magic

Down where the curtain repeats itself betwixt the ripples of a sleeping lake

Where hands are held grippingly, and eyes drink souls, and tensions mount

In another world

Where steaming bodies and lips collide, melting inhibitions

Where an erotic gasp is heard above other normal sounds
just before silence two go down in the moonlight

____________________________________________________________ ____________


you have not come and gone
in vain

even the gentlest breeze
will bend a weakened blade

you have left space in my heart

and indentations on my pillow

to be filled by my
second wind...

____________________________________________________________ ____

There Comes A Time

There comes a time in one's life
when action must take the place
of wishful thinking and motion
must override idleness...

...A time when all fears must
be checked while new adventures
are to be explored with an untainted,
child-like fervor...

...A time when other people's
wants, thoughts and ideas must be
put on hold while your own are
being entertained...

...A time when all encumberances
must be met and halted with a
selfish stare, so as to allow
yourself to regain some of that
which has been so cleverly taken away!


____________________________________________________________ ______

The Wind Whispers and the Moon Listens

in the lonely moments after
into the still of the night
you will find me
wandering beneath the stars
wishing that they could not tell
but,then, they start to twinkle
and the wind whispers
and the moon listens
and i am exposed

Profession: self-employed

Physical Appearance

5' 2"
Hair color
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Have Children?
Yes, they live at home
Christian - Other
Want Children?
No answer

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