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Calleigh12 "Don't A$$ume I'll Be Into You"
35 year old woman from Saginaw, Michigan      Looking for man for friendship

About Calleigh12

Interests: avoiding liars, myspace, movies, books, the color blue, music, art, poetry, blogging, writing, tattoos
Note: Please read my entire profile and details before messaging me, so you don't ask questions that are already answered or make assumptions about things that should be obvious. Thanks. :)

I'm addicted to coffee, I hate liars and cheaters. I love to write stories and poetry, and I used to love to paint and draw, but I don't really do that anymore. I love reading horror novels and watching horror movies. I recently got a tattoo of a pentagram on my ankle, and I'm still excited about that. I'm just on here to make new friends; remember that if you decide to message me.


Q: Why did you choose a pentagram as your tattoo? Does that mean you worship the Devil?
A: I chose a pentagram as my tattoo because I love that symbol. I consider it a symbol of protection. As for me worshiping the Devil, I don't worship anything or anyone.

Q: Why don't you want kids?
A: Being a parent doesn't interest me, so I choose not to become one.

Q: Why don't you date guys with kids?
A: Being a possible stepparent doesn't interest me, so I chose not to date men with children.

Q: Why don't you answer my emails? That's just rude, it's bad manners to ignore an email.
A: I used to try to answer every email I received, out of politeness. However, that gives some people the idea that I am personally interested in them and seeking a relationship with them, and when I reject them, they become very irate. Therefore, if I get the feeling from your message that you want more than I am willing to give you, I won't answer your email. Sorry, that's the way it is.

Q: You list yourself as agnostic, what's that about? Does it mean you don't believe in God? Are you an atheist??
A: If I was an atheist, I'd say I was an atheist. Agnostic is neither a belief nor a disbelief in a supreme being. I used to consider myself a Christian, until I lost my faith in God. Now I don't know if He exists or not, and I really don't care.

Q: Will you consider dating a guy from this site, if you find the right one?
A: I don't believe there is a "right one." I don't date off the internet anymore. Period.

Q: Are you attracted to women?
A: I consider myself straight, so no, I am not, so please don't approach me in a sexual way.

Q: Do you have myspace?
A: Yes, I do. My page is private, but if you have a page and think we might have similar interests, I will be glad to add you. Just ask.

Q: Do you date older men?
A: I don't think I have anything in common with older men, so no, I don't.

Q: Okay then, do you date younger guys?
A: Not a lot younger, ex. I'm 35, you're 21, um, no thanks. A huge age gap doesn't work for me, sorry.

Q: You list your occupation as a writer, are you published? Do you work for a magazine or a newspaper, or have you written any books I might have read?
A: I have a short story published in an online magazine, which has since then been converted to print format. If you're interested, I can give you the link to read the story online. Right now, I am working on finishing a novel I started 7 years ago, and hoping for eventual publication.

If you read all that, and aren't too freaked out, feel free to say hello.
Profession: writer

Physical Appearance

5' 8"
Hair color
Body type
Black / African descent


Marital Status
Never married
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