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AtrueOne "If you watched Big Love and loved it read on"
53 year old man from Little Rock, Arkansas      Looking for woman for friendship

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Interests: colts football, scifi, travel, classic rock, ask me if you want to know more
First and foremost my faith is a big priority in my life. However, I am far from and run of the mill Christian. I believe in showing faith by action rather than by talking. I live my faith everyday. Many of my beliefs go in direct cotradiction to the church as you may know it. But in the end Jesus is first and above all. I do believe that having multiple spouses is still an acceptable standard by Biblical presidence. Where it may not be something you would consider doesn't change the fact that at no point was it ever disqualified as an option. I know that this may not set well with many of you but then I don't seek the many I only seek the one. Tell you what, don't judge and you will not be judged. Far too many times we view Christ and relationships from the view that fits what our flesh wants and in the process violate the commands of Christ and limit the security and joy that is available to us. As you look at your own life can you honestly say that you are obeying Christ? Jesus told us if you love me you will obey my commandments and if you do not obey my commandments my love is not in you. Is it possible there is more to faith than you have taken into consideration? I am also a man with a great sense of humor and generally prefer to live my faith rather than being so preachy. But then that is something you'll find out if yu bother to ask. Oh by the way I generally send a thank you note for reviewing my's me being me.

I do presently have a wonderful mate who is a wondeful woman. She is a true treasure but she (as I) know that the right woman will know in her spirit that she needs to contact us.

Presently I am on an extended Motor Home trip and am loving it. The trip is covering several states. Because of this I am open to communicating with anyone of faith who is seeking Christ rather than their predetermined theologies.

I am much more than this though as I offer a great life, lots of humor is ever present around me, fishing, camping, and a whole life from jeans to dress up. It would take a lady who loves God and is ready for adventure and travel to be in my household. I am also open to making friends
Profession: construction/engineering

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