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LouLou2 "Goal: To enjoy the company of good friends"
54 year old woman from Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania      Looking for man for friendship Online now!

About LouLou2

Interests: dancing, tinkering/repairing/refinishing furniture, left-of-center political & social issues/commentary, gardening/landscaping, music, reading, antique/collectibles, a true animal lover with a dog and 2 cats
I am separated after a long estrangement and looking for friendship.

I am honest, loyal, funny (I will make you laugh!), intelligent, independent, open-minded, down-to-earth, sentimental, affectionate and loving. I think of myself as being 'spiritual', but by no means am I religious. I have a quick wit with an ironic/sardonic sense of humor (I am not above sarcasm). I can be a bit silly or madcap at times. The above are some of my best characteristics and are important for my friends to have, as well.

My friends should know that I smoke...addicted since conception, I say. I would like to quit and have done so several times before. I've resumed it for no apparent reason after as long as 3 years, so I make no promises to myself or anyone else on the subject.

My tastes in music, art and literature are eclectic. I am an avid fan of the WYEP (the music!) & WDUQ (all, but not the music!) independent radio stations. My social and political views are (only slightly) left of center. I am an old 'hippie' who has become much more moderate with the help of my life's experience...but down inside that hippie still lurks.

I enjoy puttering in my garden and around my home...weeding, planting, decorating, painting and repairing. I love live music, concerts & dancing. I enjoy taking a walk in the woods or on the beach, usually with binoculars, bird and wild flower books, a camera, some lunch and a blanket.

I enjoy people who can make me laugh (which comes easily) and who laugh at my jokes (a little more difficult given my odd sense of humor). My family, friends and pets are my highest priorities.

I am NOT interested in casual, intimate encounters, and don't care to befriend anyone who regularly abuses alcohol or drugs...or is close-minded, bigoted or judgemental. I'm hoping to fill my life with positive experiences & up-beat people. Life hands us plenty of negatives as it is.

From "Best of What's Around" by the Dave Matthew's Band

Her arms are open.
Her mind's eye is
Seeing things from a
Better side than most can dream!
On a clearer road I feel,
Oh, you could say she's safe.
Whatever tears at her.
Whatever holds her down,
And if nothing can be done...
She'll make the best of what's around!

From 'Me'
by Paula Cole

"I am walking on the bridge.
I am over the water,
and I'm scared as hell...
but I know there's something better..."

Can't Find My Way Home
by Steve Winwood

Come down off your throne and leave your body alone.
Somebody must change.
You are the reason I've been waiting so long.
Somebody holds the key.

But I'm near the end and I just ain't got the time
And I'm wasted and I can't find my way home.

Come down on your own and leave your body alone.
Somebody must change.
You are the reason I've been waiting all these years.
Somebody holds the key.

But I can't find my way home.
But I can't find my way home.
But I can't find my way home.
But I can't find my way home.
Still I can't find my way home,
And I ain't done nothing wrong,
But I can't find my way home.

From 'I Won't Grow Up' by Carolyn Leigh

If growing up means it would be
beneath my dignity to climb a tree,
I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up - not me!
Not I,
Not me!
Not me!
Profession: Healthcare

Physical Appearance

5' 4"
Hair color
Body type
White / Caucasian


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