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51 year old man from Sacramento, California      Looking for woman for dating

About sacguy

Interests: golf, computers, travel, reading, chatting, cooking, business
1. You'll never have to worry about driving illegally in the car-pool lane again
2. I have Blockbuster Total Access.
3. I'll push you on the swings
4. I always put the cap back on the toothpaste
5. Sleeping alone just sucks.... period!
6. When you're around me I've got the sex drive of a 19 year old boy
7. There isn't anything I feel I can't tell you
8. I wish I could give you all of my firsts
9. All I can offer you is all of my lasts
10. You're safe with me
11. I'll wait for you even if you're late
12. I'll let you sneak a taste when I'm cooking (yes, I love to cook)
13. I know how to plan for a young retirement.
14. When we are in the car together, I'll let you play DJ.
15. You'll love my corny-ness. (is that even a word?)
16. When you are trying to keep count, I will try and mess you up
17. I suck at strip poker
18. I won't bite unless you want me to
19. Sleeping in has a whole new meaning now that we are doing it together
20. I'll circle your birthday on my calendar
21. I'll cover you up and kiss your forehead when you fall asleep watching tv
22. I'll carve our initials in a tree
23. I won't swear around your family
24. I've never been Punk'd
25. I'll grant you three wishes
26. I'll make you laugh
27. I do know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop......12 crunch.
28. I'll take care of you when you're sick
29. I'll make fun of you
30. I can give a kick ass back rub
31. I'll pump your gas
32. I take a shower every day (sometimes twice)
34. I'll let you beat me at pool
35. I don't care if you have a girls night out. (this works both ways)
36. I don't care what music we listen to in the car
37. My heart will jump every time you walk through the door
38. I'll save everything you ever give me
39. I won't ever forget your birthday, and remind you when mine is coming
40. You just can't stop reading this!
41. I'll think you're just about the coolest person I know
42. I've never been on Americas Most Wanted
43. If we were riding in the car with my friends I'd let you sit shotty
44. I know how to make a fire
45. My kisses will take your breath away
46. I never drive faster than 30 mph in a school zone
47. My weird habits you'll find adorable
48. You'll sleep better when I'm next to you
49. I'll open doors for you.
50. I'll never waste your love
51. I'll laugh at every joke even when it's not funny (but only in public - when we're alone I'll tell you if it's not funny)
52. It gets better every time
53. I'll help you find your keys
54. I'll stop and ask for directions sometimes.
55. We can watch your movie first
56. I don't need batteries
57. I'll clean the house almost perfect every time you come over.
58. My family is as ****ed up as yours.
59. I smell pretty good
60. I'll blow off my friends just to hang out with you.
61. I look both ways before I cross the street
62. I never look directly into the sun
63. I can balance a check book
64. I would never yell "fire" in a crowded theater (unless there really is one!!!)
65. I'm really good at sneaking food into the movies
66. I'll never say 'nothings wrong' when there really is
67. I can count to 100 by 5's
68. I never overload the washer
69. What else have you got to do?
70. I know that whipped cream goes on more than Sundays
71. I don't eat yellow snow
72. You're getting very sleepy...
73. You won't be able to get me out of your head
74. I never run with scissors
75. I know how to keep a secret
76. I've never failed a survey
77. I can almost every time find Waldo
78. If we arm wrestle, I'll let you win.
79. I have all my shots
80. I'm pretty damn funny
81. you'll never be alone.
82. I know the difference between they're, their, and there
83. You really kinda would dig having someone to cuddle with on the couch
84. I know how to leave you satisfied and hungry for more every time
85. I'm really good at making lists
86. I can cook (well..some stuff)
87. I'll hold your hand in public.
88. I'll kiss you in front of my friends.
89. We can take pictures of us together.
90. I'll give you a back rub. can pick the movies we go to see.
92. I'll keep you warm at night.
93. I'm a Pisces
94. The only drama I have any part of is on t.v.
95. If you were sick, I'd make it all better.
96. What do you have to lose?
97. I always tell the truth.
98. When you're sleeping I'll always try to be quiet
99. I don't litter
100. you don't want to spend Valentines day alone.
101. After reading this far you've already got too much time invested all ready.
102. I would put you before my car....after all a car can be replaced.
Profession: self employed /

Physical Appearance

6' 0"
Hair color
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Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
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Yes, sometimes they live at home
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