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scoundrel "Relax and chat"
53 year old man from Anchorage, Alaska      Looking for woman for friendship

About scoundrel

Interests: country drives, nature, colorful skies, lightning, flirting, lots of things that don't fit here
I'm a scoundrel, on here. That's just a facet of me.
On other sites, other things about me are expressed.
There's no sense in telling much about me until after we are close. If we are not getting close, then it doesn't matter. We will never meet, unless both of us work to make it happen.

I can be fun, funny, helpful, serious, and a scoundrel.

Have a wonderful time, and make your experience with me a positive one.

About me: My life is for today. The thread of days winds itself onward, twixt birth and forever. Plans for the next year and the next are flexible. No significant other, no children, and the future is an adventure in the making!
Profession: service rep

Physical Appearance

6' 0"
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