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Hajimemashite "Please Read the profile Not on here to Date"
36 year old man from Cleveland, Ohio      Looking for woman for friendship Online now!

About Hajimemashite

Interests: Jeeps, Cooking, Dirtbikes, Pets, Life, Pool, Chatting, Making new friends, Laughing, smiling
Have been over the road for some time . Now i am back in Cleveland .
For awhile for some health reasons until i get fixed up i will be around for a bit .
I love dogs and Cats and i like people who take care of them and have there own
I will talk about anything i have many interests and find life fascinating.
I am a outdoors person and have to be outside and my job has to be outside to
I love the rain and snow and the sites i get to see .Also i am a spontaneous.
Person i can wake up and just take off to some where i want to be or see .
I don't really plan anything i just do it . I love to offroad in my jeeps and i love to
Ride my bikes and i love car rides and i hate air conditioning the windows must be down
I have a zero tolerance for drugs in my life . i have friends that do them but they are just friends
I am a flirt and always will be and yes i have women that are friends so if you are the type .
This bothers don't look at me ! There is more to me than this profile i have lived a long hard life
And did every thing own my own i do not need no one to take care of me i can do that for myself
Always have and always will i love to cook for my friends and family and i am good at it
I love to work all the time i have to be busy i like to read and wright and i am not shy or prude
And i am not Politically correct and i don't believe in that. I say it how i see it.
And Yes i can go out side and take a new pic and they look the same as the ones you see
Right now so its the real me not the 10 years ago picture lmao.
And i am not on here to date
I am just here to chat with my friends
And make new friends And if you want to know why Its Because I am sick and i Need to Take of Me and My health first.
Profession: Truck driver

Physical Appearance

6' 0"
Hair color
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Never married
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