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snarkytwain "Done pretending I don't care."
31 year old woman from Spokane, Washington      Looking for man for relationship Online now!

About snarkytwain

Interests: psychology, history, coding, paintball, camping, swimming, writing, My kids, reading, religion, mythology, kareoke... lots of random stuff.
So... I'm a writer but writing about myself always makes my skin crawl. Especially on these things. Guess I'll just stick to the bare bones and you can ask me more if ya wanna.

I'm recently divorced, but have been seperated for about two years now. Getting back into the single life sounded exciting at first, but as time has gone on I've found that there are three kinds of guys out there: the ones who don't care if you have kids because they're desperate (and, I have learned the hard way, for a good reason), the kind that run away screaming at the mention of kids, and the kind that lie and say everything you want to hear so they can get laid... then they're done. I tried to pretend I didn't care; I played around a bit. But damnit I care. I want someone to care, too, about himself, about his life, and about me.

So, there ya have it. Can you prove me wrong and show me a fourth type -- the type I'm starting to believe is only in stories?
Profession: Secondary Drama/Tech Teacher

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