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emotionalforsex "Searching for intimacy and sex"
30 year old man from Novato, California      Looking for woman for intimate encounter

About emotionalforsex

Interests: piano playing, gourmet dining, cooking, California coastal travel, exploring sexuality, seeing movies
All I wish for in my life is to find and be in love and yet it's so elusive. People tell me to just be myself and that this will happen when I'm not looking. But the bar is raised on the type of men twenty and thirty-something women want so I have to be proactive. I also really want a five or six-year relationship that leads to marriage. If you're afraid of that last statement, then I'm not your guy. If I ever were to find a woman who could and would fall in love with me for what's in my heart, I'd probably cry and think I was in some illusive dream, full of real mirages meant to break a man's heart that could do so much to make a woman happy. I just want to pour everything out that's in my heart, giving it to a woman. If she reciprocated that love back to me from her heart--wouldn't that be incredible!

I'm a young professional half of the time and a classical musician the other half. I work full time as an administrative assistant for a good company and am fairly independent. I hope to return to graduate school in the near future for counseling psychology to become a marriage-family therapist. For fun, I love playing the piano, cooking for others, and taking beautiful, scenic road trips along the California coastline. I love with a fierce commitment level when I find a woman who is worthy of this. I also know that I don't just want to date. Craig's List is funny... I haven't had very much luck finding a young woman of substantial quality in terms of romance, character, and integrity who wants what I want--with me. I usually get a lengthy e-mail reply, full of interest and intent. Then once we start talking, everything falls flat and the woman acts detached, disinterested, and passive in initiating further interest of getting to know me via e-mail, phone calls, and text messaging. I never understand "why" but know I must have done something to screw things up. That is far from my intent. Passing these "tests" makes being single perhaps the easier choice; but makes me so sad to think that I'll never find a young woman interested in knowing me to the core. I also don't enjoy continuing to spend my weekends completely by myself which often ends up happening.

I believe that honesty, open communication, friendship, discussing one's feelings, and companionate love are the essential elements an intimate, long-term relationship is comprised of. Hopefully you to carry this belief in your heart. Additionally, I would appreciate a woman who has a college degree, is fairly independent, and who doesn't have impeccably high and unrealistic standards for a guy to meet...otherwise you might be disappointed.

Ideally, I'm looking for the following qualities in a young woman:

* A woman who will love me even though I'm sexually inexperienced in some ways
* A woman who will let me cook dinners for and pamper (not financially)
* A woman who doesn't mind occasionally going dutch when we eat out
* A woman who will make time to explore new activities with me so we'll grow together
* A woman who won't be afraid to cry in front of me while I hold her tightly
* A relationship that isn't all about money
* A woman who won't run away or break up with me with the first disagreement
* A woman who will truly work with me to make a relationship harmonious
* A woman who will travel to Italy with me in the future.
* A woman who agrees in supporting each other in our goals and dreams
* A woman who, astrologically speaking, is either a Taurus, Scorpio, or Pisces

I haven't ever found a woman with the above qualities on CL, so it would be a first if it were to happen.

You can see a picture of me on myspace at

I really want to find my life and marriage partner and I want to fall and be in love!!! If you're interested, I look forward to your e-mail reply!
Profession: Administrative Professional

Physical Appearance

5' 8"
Hair color
Body type
A few extra pounds
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Never married
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No answer
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